I will get more complete updates to you in the near future, but for now a few details that I want to get to you as soon as possible:

1. Our hompage is https://www.highschoolbowling.org/ ALL Information you need is there, including our current full calendar (practices and meets). This calendar is changing as we learn more about this season, but I want you to have access to all information as I have it. Continue to look to the website for up to date details.

2. You need bowling shoes. If you do not have bowling shoes, or have outgrown them (check now!!!), you have 2 choices:
– you can either buy some, details here: https://www.highschoolbowling.org/equipment/
– you can shoot me your shoe size and I can see what I have available in our stock.

3. We have 2 bus drivers, it looks like everyone will practice twice a week. Varsity will get one additional practice. We will use New Hampton for our home lanes.

4. Masks will be worn at practice. Gaiters and face shields do not meet this requirement. If you are unable to meet this requirement for any reason, please contact me immediately and we will discuss options. The affordable option that I recommend and will be wearing is here: https://www.bowlgenesis.com/products/genesis-aeropure-face-masks but other face masks are acceptable.

….More details for bowlers and parents coming soon.