Tuesday, Nov. 20 (Thanksgiving break is 11/22-23/07
N Tama @ Marion CRBC
WSR @ Oelwein Sunnyside Lanes
W-Columbus @ Denver Maple Lanes
WD bye

Friday, Nov. 30
Marion @ Columbus Cadillac
Denver @ W Del Lightning Lanes
N. Tama @ Oelwein Sunnyside Lanes
WSR bye

Friday, Dec. 7
W Del @ Denver Maple Lanes
Marion @ N Tama Silverstreak Lanes
WSR @ Columbus Cadillac Lanes
Oelwein bye

Friday, Dec. 14
N Tama @ W Del Lightning Lanes
WSR @ Denver Maple
Columbus @ Oelwein Sunnyside Lanes
Marion bye

Friday, Dec 21
Oelwein & W Del @ Columbus Cadillac (TRI)
Denver @ N Tama Silverstreak
WSR @ Marion Westdale
No bye

January 4, 2008 (please check your holiday break to see if you are allowed to compete on this day)
Denver @ Marion Westdale
Columbus @ N Tama Silverstreak
WSR @ W Del Lightning
Oelwein bye

January 11, 2008
Marion & Oelwein @ Denver Maple (Varsity Only)
N Tama @ WSR Waverly
Columbus @ W Del Lightning Lanes
No bye

January 18, 2008
Marion @ W Del Lightning
Denver @ Columbus Cadillac
Oelwein @ WSR Waverly
N Tama bye

January 25, 2008
W Del @ WSR Waverly
Oelwein @ N Tama Silverstreak
Columbus @ Marion CRBC
Denver bye

February 1, 2008
Denver @ Oelwein Sunnyside Lanes
Columbus @ WSR Waverly
W Del @ N Tama Silverstreak
Marion bye

Feb 8, 2008
Oelwein @ WSR Waverly
W Del @ Marion CRBC
N Tama @ Denver Cadillac
Columbus bye

ALL COMPETITIONS SHALL BEGIN AT 4:00 PROMPT unless otherwise arranged.
Each team can have a maximum of 12 competitions; triangular meets count as 2
If you are scheduled for less than 12 competitions, you can go to the Optional Tournaments listed on the Federation Website and literature.