Bowling practice starts this Monday, November 8th.  We will be departing after school from the front of the parking lot via bus.  Normally we will depart by 3:40, we will try to give a little extra time on the first day, but do your best to be loaded by 3:40 on Monday.  

In order to fully participate bowlers need to have a completed concussion form and physical, those without these requirements completed have been contacted.  Additionally, a bowling ball and shoes are required.  Details on equipment can be found here.   I would also recommend a water bottle (water and concessions are not available during practice). 

A complete calendar is here.  This is still subject to a little bit of change, so check back often for updates.  In general, Mondays and Wednesdays the full team will practice at Maple Lanes.  Tuesdays we will be at the high school.  And Thursdays will be varsity only at Maple (details on that team to come soon).  Most meets will be Fridays.

More details will be coming soon.