Our first meet is coming this Tuesday against Columbus at Cadillac XBC, starting at 3:45. Each bowling participant will be given 2 passes to allow spectators into the event. No other spectators are allowed. We are hoping to stream the event online, but we are still working through a few details for this away event. We are confident that we will be able to stream home events in the future, but away events impose an additional level of difficulty.

Masks will be required! Details on face covering enforcement:
– Applies to all fans of indoor contests in conference and non-conference match-ups
– Applies for all high school and middle school contests
– Must wear a face covering to enter the event
– Face coverings must cover your nose and mouth
– Face coverings should be worn the entire time a fan is in the building
– Fans who do not wear a face covering may be asked to leave

Additionally, last week, bowlers competing were given Jerseys and uniform instructions. Bowlers are required to wear their jersey and black pants while bowling. Bowlers may wear additional layers if needed under their jersey, but the jersey must be worn on top and fully visible. Many bowlers may have grown since last year and need to validate their pants from last season still fit.