After 22 years of coaching, Cara and I have resigned as head coaches of the W-SR bowling team.  I already miss it, but there are too many factors that are preventing us from being reliably available to lead this team in future seasons. 

To all of our bowlers (past, current, and future) we are still here.  If you need help with homework or bowling, or just need to talk, we are still here and our front door is always open to you.

To all of our supporters (family, friends and bowlers) I am sorry that we are unable to continue leading this program that has impacted so many.  Your help has meant more than you know.

High School administration has committed to ensuring a path for bowlers to continue competing.  Please be patient as the school works through next steps, and figures out what that looks like going forward.
Thank you for your understanding, time, and commitment.
-Matt and Cara Schneider