The winter weather continues close schools and prematurely end our season. Please read the entire message below carefully. Updated schedule for this week:

Tuesday: No meet, No practice, stay home, stay warm.
Wednesday: No practice, stay home, stay warm.
      Extended Varsity: Lifting and Practice (normal schedule)
      Friday’s JV: Practice at 4:00
      All Others: 4:00 Turn in Jerseys, EOY discussions

Boys that have varsity Jerseys, please bring them on Thursday!!!

Extended Varsity
      Lauren F
      Brynne S
      Jentry E
      Jasmine A
      Amanda O
      Ashlyn C
      Marisa S

      Malcolm N
      Ethan H
      Lane S
      Adam H
      Noah J
      Ryan K
      Peyton D
      Elijah K

Friday’s JV
      Bailey D
      Greta H
      Paige K
      Amber H
      Anna G
      1 from extended Varsity

      Ian H
      Jacob K
      Theo S
      Lee S
      2 from Extended Varsity