Girls !!!SubState Winners!!! Qualify for STATE!!
Marisa Schneider – individual champion
Boys finish 3rd, Drew Schneider qualifies individually.
Complete results here.


The state tournament will be held on Monday, February 20, (Class 1A), Tuesday February 21 (Class 2A) and Wednesday, February 22 (Class 3A at the Plaza Lanes, Inc., 2701 Douglas Avenue, Des Moines, IA. The tournament will begin at 10:00 a.m. with the Parade of Bowlers and the National Anthem. Actual competition will begin at approximately 10:20 a.m. Doors will open for spectators at 9:00 a.m.

Teams and individuals will bowl two (2) games of ten-pin. Those scores will be tallied to determine the Individual Champion and place winners. The individual awards will then be given at this time. The teams will then enter into the Baker games. At the conclusion of the Baker games the team totals will be tallied to determine the Team Champion. The team awards will be presented at this time. Every bowler who qualifies for the state tournament is eligible for the individual competition.

Admission for the tournament is $10 per person. Spectator entrances will be at the Southwest and Northwest corners of the building. Parking is available to the west of the building with the majority of parking behind the building and to the east.

Official State Bowling merchandise and programs will be available on-site.

All spectators at state-sponsored bowling tournaments shall wear shirts and shoes. Shirts shall extend to the waist-area. Masks are not permitted. Use of “laser light” pens by a spectator shall result in immediate ejection from the facility. With the understanding that a tournament bowling match is held as part of the educational environment, the Board of Directors of the Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union and the Board of Control of the Iowa High School Athletic Association has
adopted the following policies.
-Disrespectful conduct, including profanity, obscene gestures or comments, offensive remarks of a sexual nature, or other actions that demean individuals or the event.
-Throwing articles onto the contest area.
-Entering the contest area in protest or celebration.
-Physical confrontation involving contest officials, coaches/directors, contestants, or spectators.
-Spectator interference with the event.
-Use of artificial noisemakers, signs, or banners.
-Chants or cheers directed at the opponent.

The display or usage of balloons, banners, signs, hoops, placards or other paper debris is prohibited. Additionally, any object that could provide a safety concern (pom-poms on sticks, etc.) is prohibited, as is any artificial noisemakers (e.g. air horn, cowbells, keys, thunder sticks, etc.). Excluded from this rule are permanent wall displays or signs used for general administration of the tournament. Uniformed cheerleaders may use signs or cards to lead cheers, but may not use a banner.

No alcohol or tobacco is to be sold or consumed on the grounds of any state tournament venue leased or provided to the Athletic Union for the purpose of conducting a state championship. Section 123.46 of the Iowa Code states: A person shall not possess or consume alcoholic liquors, wine or beer on public school property or while attending a public or private school-related function. A person shall not be intoxicated or simulate intoxication in a public place. A person violating this subsection is guilty of a simple misdemeanor.

No pets are permitted at events sanctioned by the IGHSAU OR IHSAA. Any person with a pet will be asked to leave. This policy shall comply with the provisions of Iowa Code 216c in that such a person with a disability or person training an assisted animal has the right to be accompanied by a service dog or an assisted animal under control. The person is liable for damage done to any premises or facility by a service dog or assisted animal.

North Central Bowling Conference

West Division
   Charles City
   Forest City
   North Iowa
   Waverly-Shell Rock

East Division
   Columbus Catholic
   North Fayette Valley

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